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Spread some holiday cheer around your house and theirs. Buy a beautiful evergreen holiday wreath and help those in need of food this holiday season. All proceeds from the wreath sale benefit The Hershey Food Bank.
Don’t delay. Order your wreath by November 5, 2020

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2020-2021 Four-Way Test Essay Contest
2020-21 Essay Prompt:
Is it the Truth? – How I Define What is True in My Life

Deadline: Feb. 16, 2021
What Are We Looking For?
Rotarians across the world apply the “Four-Way Test” to their professional and personal relationships by asking themselves the following:

Of the Things we think, say, or do:
• Is it the truth?
• Is it fair to all concerned?
• Will it build goodwill and better friendships?
• Will it be beneficial to all concerned?

A very important, if not the most important, question in Rotary’s Four-Way Test is the first one – “Is it the Truth?”
In this time of “alternative facts,” “fake news,” media bias and “spin”, many have wondered: What is true? Where is truth found? Is truth even important? Some question whether truth is absolute or simply relative to a person’s time, background or position in life. Still others question whether people are able to get outside of themselves to view truth apart from their own personal interest. 
We would like to hear your thoughts on the “truth.” Please address in an essay how you determine whether something is true and the factors you consider in reaching the answer to “Is it the Truth?” Please also write about how the other three prongs of the Four-Way Test might (or might not) help you arrive at whether something is the truth. 


Eligibility: Ninth Grade Students.

Format: The essay should be submitted in .pdf format and suitable for printing on 8.5 x 11.0 paper. The text should be double spaced in 12-point font (Arial or Times New Roman are preferred). Do not insert identifying information such as a name or school on any sheet except the cover sheet. Do not insert graphics.

Essay Length: The essay must not exceed 1500 words in length.

Cover Sheet: A cover sheet must be attached to each essay (see instructions below).

Original Work: The essay must be the original work of the student submitting the essay for competition. Team writing, parental participation, and the use of works written by other sources, even if foot-noted, is not authorized. Participating students will sign a pledge on the Cover Sheet stating that the essay is their original work.  Parents/guardians will also be requested to confirm that their student's essay is original work


Once you complete your essay, please email it to tanthonysinger@gmail.com and complete and submit the Cover Sheet found here.  Upon receipt of your essay, your parent or guardian will be sent a declaration (via their Email that you provide on the Cover Sheet) for completion and return.

Contest Chair, Terry Singer
Contest Committee: 
Kathy Frick
Leslie Ingalzo
Pam Lambert
Susan Steadman
Terry Singer