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Rotary Grants Awarded 2021

Hershey Rotary’s fundraising activities allow us to provide assistance to local organizations each year to support their missions. This year we presented 20 organizations with a grant for their service: 
Boy Scouts of America-New Birth of Freedom, Derry Township Community Cats, Harrisburg River Rescue and Emergency Services, Hershey Area Playhouse, Hershey Community Archives, Hershey Community Chorus, Hershey Food Bank, Hershey Gardens, Hershey History Center, Hershey Story Essay Contest, Hershey Symphony Orchestra, Hershey Theatre Apollo Awards, Hershey Volunteer Fire Company, Hope Springs Farm, Joy of Sports Foundation, Living Well Care, Love Inc., Middletown Public Library, Mohler Senior Center, and Ronald McDonald House.

Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities
Interested in volunteering at Cocoa Packs, Ronald McDonald House or other opportunities? Email Rotarian Reath Edwards to learn more.