The Club Assembly was conducted at our meeting on Dec 10, 2018. Following an introduction of offices, Membership Chairman reported on activities to date and plans for the remainder of the year. Chairs of the six lanes addressed their areas of focus and the individuals who heads each.  Following is a list of Lane Chairs and the persons who serve under them:
Charitable Allocations and Fund Rising - Amy Norris
    -Bologna Fest, Kathy Schmidt/Clem Gilpin (acting)
   -Cocoa Bean Game/Breakfast, Steve Gilder/Francine Pommells
   -Rotary Auction/Dinner, Alex Roca/Amy Norris
Club Service - Doug Nicotera
Club Service Meetings - Wayne Schutz
   -AV, Kirk Sponaugle/Ray Delo                                -Invocation, Wayne Schutz
   -Cashier Coordinator, Kathy Schmidt                     -Lodge Liaison, Jack Bogrette
   - 50/50, Alex Roca                                                     -Music, Jan Dunkle,Susan Cort, Kirk Sponaugle   
   -Greeter Coordinator, Wayne Schutz                      -Veteran's Day, Peter Graybash/Paul Thompson 
   -Int'l Fellow Lunch, Clem Gilpin                                -Club Trainer, Ray Delo
Community Service - Doug Miller
   -Adopt-A-Highway, Bruce Smith                            -Hershey Public Library, Chip Bayer
   -Advice Now!, John Moyer                                       -Love Inc., Doug Miller
   -Cocoa Pacts, Leslie Ingalzo/Doug Miller            -Ronald McDonald House, Doug Miller/Mike Kinney
   -Downtown Hershey, Pam Whitenack                   -Salvation Army Bell Ringing, Bill Hutcheson
   -Hershey Food Bank, Susan Steadman
International and District Service - Uday Shrkantia
   -Grants, Jon Stepanian
   -Group Vocational Service Exchange, Clem Gilpin
   -Haiti Trip,  Clem Gilpin
   -Inter'l and District Service Projects, Uday Shrikantia
   -Rotary Foundation, Chip Bayer
New Generations, Kathy Frick
   -4-Way Essay Contest, Leslie Ingalzo                                -Service Above Self Award, Leslie Ingalzo                              
   -4-Way Speech Contest, Diane Paul                                  -Youth Exchange In-Bound, Susan Steadman
   -Hershey Community Youth Alliance, Mike Kinney         -Youth Exchange Out-Bound, Dick Hann
   -Int'l Affairs Assoc/Rotaract Club, Clem Gilpin                -Youth Exchancge Hershey Over Night, Francine Pommell/Clem Gilpin
   -RYLA(Rotary Youth Leadership Award), Chip Bayer