The Covid-19 pandemic has forced us to seek new ways of how we work as a club. While we regret not being able to meet in person, the pandemic has allowed us to take the time to think about how we operate as a Rotary club and consider new possibilities. Last month I asked you to participate in a survey to solicit your thoughts about the club and its operations. For the last few weeks, a small group of members have been engaged in considering the future of our club and developing a strategic plan to help us move forward. Our committee’s goals are to assess our club’s strengths and weaknesses; create a vision statement, set annual goals and list the activities, timeline and resources we’ll need.

Past-President Susan Cort is leading the committee through the planning process. The members of our club’s strategic planning committee :

President Pam Whitenack

Vice-President Mike Kinney

Vice-President elect Jim Gainer

Assistant District Governor Ray Delo

Board members: Dale Achenbach, Chip Bayer, Doug Nicotera, Diane Paul, Uday Shrikantia

In future weeks I’ll share more about the process and recommendations the committee will be making to the club’s Board. If you have questions or comments, please contact me (; 717-215-7562).

In Rotary,

Pam Whitenack