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Spring Creek Church
335 East Areba Avenue
Hershey, PA 17033
United States of America

On August 25th, Cocoa Packs is holding its annual back-to-school event at Spring Creek Church of the Brethren parking lot (335 East Areba Avenue, Hershey). Set up begins at 7:30 am, with actual appointments starting at 10:00 am.  Children (and their parents) visit each station and then go through the drive-through to get their packs and other goodies.  

The Hershey Rotary Club is running the snow cone station, scooping crushed ice into paper cones, pouring syrup on them, and handing them to the child.  It is an outside event.  As of 7/29, masks are not required for those who are vaccinated (but we will follow CDC guidelines).  There will be gloves supplied.

Rotarians will serve in 1 to 2-hour shifts, and 2-4 Volunteers are needed per shift.