The Club turned its attention to its extensive global outreach last Monday with a Rotex briefing by Brianna Ferguson, a Milton Hershey Student, who spent last year as a Rotary Exchange Student in Argentina. Dick Hann introduced Brianna and reminded us of the Club's long involvement, since the early 1980's) in sending out students to nations around the world, and to hosting incoming students, such as Yuki Matsumoto this year's student from Japan, who was introduced at the meeting. 
Dick and the Youth Exchange team, headed brilliantly by Susan Steadman, are on the front line of Rotary volunteers who have made a tremendous difference in the lives of dozens and dozens of students. As our conduit to the world, they have woven a continuous web of interaction with youth and the world--and everyone benefits from that. 
Brianna demonstrated that connection in telling about her year abroad during a very professional and insightful presentation. She made a convincing case for beautiful vistas, great food, and siestas. Beyond that, she described the compelling role of love and personal interaction in finding a greater purpose to international relationships. In thanking the Club, Brianna reminded us once again just how powerful these experiences can be, with great meaning for the future. The Club will hear from Yuki at the end of this school year.  
At the next meeting, we will hear from Chuck Bechtel and the Liberty War Bird Association.
There will be no meeting on Monday, October 14, due to the Holiday.
However, there will be a special Club get-together on Tuesday, October 15, from 7 to 9 pm to celebrate the annual Pints for Polio campaign, to be done this year in conjunction with the Hershey Halloween Parade.  
Look for an email with details. 
Hope to see you soon.