Last Monday, the Club heard from Ann Zaprazny, founder and CEO of Great Sports Minds, who talked about the philosophy of the local Joy of Sports Foundation, and its purpose to provide sensible sports opportunities for individuals of all ages and capabilities. What a joy indeed to approach sports in a manner that accommodates each individual's body, mind, and spirit, making all activities fun and accessible! Congrats to all the local members of our community who support that initiative. 
Speaking of sports, this Friday, September 6, plan on attending the Cocoa Bean Football Game at Hershey Stadium. Our Club tradition continues in which we facilitate the ticket sales and collection, and use the benefits to fund the dynamic Interact Club composed of students from the Milton Hershey School and Hershey School. That group then engages in several joint community activities throughout the year. 
Please come to the game at 5:30 and join the Rotary tailgate tent party just outside the Stadium. Bring a guest, perhaps someone to whom you have given a spare ticket, and who you would like to recruit to be a Club Member. This is an excellent chance to culminate your search for new members.
The Club looks forward to seeing you and your family and guests this Friday evening.