Kudos to those Hershey Rotarians participating in Kiss Hershey Back on May 12, 2018. Thanks for helping make Hershey the "Cleanest Place on Earth!"
Rotary Social Opportunity
The Rotary Club of Hershey and Group C will host the fifth RMB networking event of the 2018 season on Wednesday, May 16 at Troegs Independent Brewing, 200 East Hershey Park Drive, Hershey, PA.  The event is FREE with a cash bar and hors d’oeuvres provided.  The event will start at 5:30 and end at 8:00 pm.  RSVP NOW!!  Make great connections for your business or project and enjoy the fun and fellowship of RMB.  Bring potential Rotarian guests! To register, Google Rotary District 7390, Click on Events, scroll down on calendar to May 16 and register. If you are not able to register, please feel free to show up and participate.
Host Families Needed
We will be hosting a male student Jaan Villem from Estonia next year, and need to identify host families for the school year. Families should live in the Derry Township School District. Thanks to Leslie Ingalzo who has already agreed to be his inbound counselor! Villem will be 16 when he arrives, likes many sports but particularly volleyball, and also enjoys music. Please email Susan Steadman (steadmanhome@comcast.net) if you are interested. We have the first host family identified, we need two more families to host Villem during the 2018-19 school year.
Say Goodbye to Marta
Our inbound exchange student Marta will be returning to Spain on June 11th. There will be a farewell reception to allow us to spend some time with her before she leaves – it will be at Susan Steadman’s home at 1070 Ridgecrest Drive Hummelstown on Monday June 4th from 5-7 PM. Feel free to bring an appetizer or dessert to share.
Mark your calendar for an evening of celebration at the Hershey Lodge on June 14, 2018 as the Hershey Rotary Club hosts a special 75th Anniversary Dinner program and the induction of Hershey Rotary Club member John May as the 2018-19 District Governor for District 7390. You do not want to miss this historic evening. You are encouraged to bring spouses, significant others, friends, and potential members. The cost is $75 per person and this can be paid at the registration desk on May 14, 21, and June 4. You also will receive an invitation and registration form in the mail that you can send in with your payment. Don't miss this chance to be part of Hershey Rotary Club history. 
Calendar Reminder: We have no meeting May 28th as we will be celebrating Memorial Day and no meeting on June 11th as the meeting that week is scheduled for Thursday, June 14 -- 75th Anniversary Dinner and Induction of John May as District Governor.

Happy Mother's Day!
Posted by District Governor Una Martone on May 10, 2018
Hello everyone!  I’d like to take this moment to extend a very Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms who are Rotarians in District 7390.  New moms, seasoned moms, grand moms, and all the people who have taken on the role of MOM in any capacity, deserve to be celebrated.
As moms, we are often the first teachers and role models for our children.  We have such an enormous responsibility to nurture our children and  shape them to somehow contribute to this world and make a difference.   As Rotarian Moms, we have an added responsibility to demonstrate SERVICE ABOVE SELF and the 4-WAY TEST to our children.   As Rotarian Moms, we also have the added challenge of balancing motherhood with our commitment to Rotary and the service projects & activities associated with membership.  As Rotarian Moms, we have the benefit of community networks, friendships, and international fellowship that we can pass on to our children ~ no matter what age they are.  
When I joined the Rotary Club of Harrisburg in 2006, my son Michael was 10 and my daughter McCaffrey was 7 years old.  For the past 12 years, they have experienced Rotary through me and alongside me every step of the way.  Rotary has enriched all of our lives.  With much attention toward engaging women in Rotary, it is so important for us to communicate this message outward ~ MOTHERHOOD AND ROTARY CAN PEACEFULLY CO-EXIST!  I’ve seen it at all levels throughout District 7390 and I’ve experienced it myself.  So, congratulations to all the women who have successfully woven Rotary into their families.  Shout out to the women who manage professional careers, happy families, and lives of service. You are all rock stars.  Happy Mother’s Day!