Our President's Message
At lunch on January 27 the Club heard about four of its members who are busy thinking about and changing the future: 
President elect Mike McCormick provided his vision for the Club starting next July when he accepts the gavel.  Lots of inspirational plans from copies of the Constitution and dictionaries to more students than ever to the vesting of the Wednesday night alternate meeting time. That exciting venture kicks off this Wednesday, February 5, at 5:30 at the Cocoa Beanery. And, Mike has lots of plans for local service projects as well as new global commitments in Ghana, etc. It will be a banner year. 
Another member determined to make the future better, this time for the many youth the Club encounters during each year, from exchange students to students of the month, to Interact and Rotaract, and to all the 4 Way competitions, etc, Susan Steadman has assumed the Next Generations Lane assignment, a highly demanding challenge she will take to the next level with her relentless commitment to young people everywhere.  
Yet another future oriented member, Tracy Creer, has stepped way up to the podium where she will direct the Club's essential fundraising machinery and translate that remarkable product into the Club's compassionate and far reaching charitable and grant matrix, improving operations for dozens of organizations and thousands of individuals, locally and globally. 
Finally, the ultimate futurologist, prognosticator, and seer, Don Papson, mesmerized us with a presentation on where the Hershey Foundation came from, what it stands for, and where it is headed, this year, and years from now.  It is a great story told by a great storyteller, who who is making history as he charts a future course.
On February 3, the Club again welcomes brilliant students of the month plus a briefing from the Interact Club. Talk about a bright future!
Plan to stop by the Cocoa Beanery on Wednesday, Feb 5, for the inaugural Wednesday evening meeting moderated by the inimitable Pam Whitenack. 
And then plan to attend the Valentine's lunch on February 10, where we be treated to a preview of The Addams Family by the Hershey High musical cast.
See you soon.